Why Artificial Intelligence is a Curse for the Humans

Artificial Intelligence

We, humans, run this beautiful planet Earth but just imagine if the Robots has taken over the world and now they are ruling the world and we have become their slaves, that’s horrible to imagine but what if it becomes the reality? Now the world is focusing on Artificial Intelligence to make their work easier.

Artificial Intelligence is Curse or Blessing:

Scientists are working hard to make our life easier by discovering new technologies but we are becoming lazy day by day because we are now dependent on the machines and we don’t want to use our mind and body to work. It’s a normal thing to understand that if you don’t use your mind then you will become dumb and your brain will stop operating perfectly. Humans are running the world not because we are the strongest or fastest,  but because we are the smartest on the Earth and if robots will become smarter than us then robots will start ruling us.

Industry Legends like Stephen Hawkins, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and many other big names in technology has expressed their views about the Artificial Intelligence negative effects on the society and world. We all have seen many movies in which robots are taking over the world but that can be true if we don’t move wisely with the technology.

Google DeepMind experimented how Robots will behave in the tough and opposite conditions but as a result, we found that they became more violent and attacked each other in order to survive. Thanks to nature that we can imagine better so we can imagine what will happen if we put and robot and a human inside a box in tough situations.

Artificial Intelligence

Robots can take away your jobs from you in the future but that is still a long way from now because it will take time to make robots smarter than humans. However we can’t deny that this will happen for sure in the future but still, machines need the human to give them order but what if they become more smarter than us then we will  be out of business. With the progress of AI technology criminals can use robots for the criminal activities.

Artificial Intelligence

As we can see on the above image, Google is using its Deep Learning in their projects, the above image shows the data till 2015 but we are in 2018 now and the number has increased to a higher level. I am adding one more image below to show how AI is being used as of now in the Industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become very popular in the automobile industry and companies are investing the big amount to embed the AI Technology in their cars. Tesla has already introduced the car with AI technology and it is capable to run in pilot mode and change the road lane.

Google has already launched an open source Artificial Intelligence engine named “TensorFlow” and now many companies and individuals are testing their products with TensorFlow.

AI technology can be a blessing for the society but if use it wisely but humans are the most selfish creature on the earth so we think about our profit only so the companies. If companies get their maximum work done by the robots then they will stop hiring people to work but as I said above it’s still a long way. We need to be more careful to use AI that it doesn’t harm the society and the humans.

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Technology is growing day by day and scientist are trying to make everything easy for the people but this EASY word is dangerous for the world. If everything becomes easy then we will become dumb and lazy and from there, our downfall will start. AI technology is good until it doesnt overcome human and start operating us. We must be the master to run everything smoothly but if Robots will take over then we will become their slaves. However, we are aware of it and hope it does not happen to us otherwise we will be responsible for our own loss.

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